Professional care

Our petsitters provides service such as walking the dog, feeding, fresh water, special diet, medicine, taking care of fur...

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Dog Walking

Individual dog walking

Our petsitters pick your dog up at your place

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Dog Boarding - Accommodation in a „substitute“ family

This service is suitable for all pets that do not feel happy in a cage or a kennel at a pet hotel

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Accommodation - Dog Boarding


Petsitters care for your pet with love and attention all the time

Your pet will be an important member of his/her substitute family

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Radka Blašková a Apollo


I love animals ranging from fish in an aquarium to unbridled beasts in the wildlife. I also love working with animals. In 2008, this passion led me to founding Berinka Agency - complete care (petsitting / dog boarding) services ensuring maximum comfort to your pets during your holiday or business trip - not only for my own pleasure, but also for you, that is all those who are "owned" by their beloved pets the same way as I am.

After 13 years of continuous work in Brno, in the spring of 2021, I moved with my family and our entire animal "pack" to Letovice, a small town located about 50 km north of Brno. Therefore, I now provide care services only in Letovice, Boskovice and their vicinity, mainly in the form of "petsitting", i.e. visits with care performed directly in the clients' home. I currently have limited accommodation possibilities for dogs - "dog boarding" - due to space and time reasons.

However, as I am a qualified teacher working in the field of education and training since 2004, I decided to expand my portfolio of services involving the care of two-legged family members, i.e. "babysitting" :). This is mainly because in the recent months there has been a demand from my friends, acquaintances and clients. For the time being, I am ready to look after kids aged 3+. As a foreign language teacher, I can also offer my services in this area in English or Russian.

I would like to thank all my former clients and especially their pets for all the amazing years of our cooperation, it was my honor and pleasure. And now I am already looking forward to meeting you, all my new clients - pet owners or parents who will decide or have already decided to entrust your pets or kids to me!
- Mgr. Radka Blašková (form. Flejberková)


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