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What can we offer?

Three areas for one price – we carry out all the individual services only after the previous agreement with you, of course:

  • Outdoor care – walking your dog(s) (in the vicinity of your home known to your dog, or even further, in the countryside, in the woods, etc.), incl. playing games and basic obedience training.
  • Home care – feeding your dog(s), giving them fresh water, special diet or medication, taking care of their coats, eyes and ears.
  • Bonus for you – watering flowers and plants, airing out rooms, taking out garbage, doing the small cleaning up after the dog, collecting mail from mailbox.

How long does the service last and can be provided several times a day?

Usually one hour – the outdoor care (walking) itself takes the agreed period of time (depending on your wishes and the needs of your dog) and in the other part of the service we take care of your dog in your home:

  • Walking with care – basic

In the case of increased demands of your dog on time spent outdoors, we will be happy to provide him/her with long walks full of various activities. We can take your dog farther from home to the countryside, forest etc, and we will return him/her home happy and "tired out" (transport at greater distances is charged according to the current price list). Likewise, we are able to provide your dog with walkies during the day repeated at a frequency and intensity which both you and your dog need.

Professional care

Our petsitters provides service such as walking the dog, feeding, fresh water, special diet, medicine, taking care of fur...

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Dog Walking

Individual dog walking

Our petsitters pick your dog up at your place

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Dog Boarding - Accommodation in a „substitute“ family

This service is suitable for all pets that do not feel happy in a cage or a kennel at a pet hotel

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Accommodation - Dog Boarding


Petsitters care for your pet with love and attention all the time

Your pet will be an important member of his/her substitute family

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