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Petsitting - visits

What can we offer?

We visit your cat(s) in your home, providing them with all the care they need.

  • Your cat(s) will get as much comfort and care as possible in your own home - no stress from unknown surroundings, no stress from transport, no stress from changes
  • Basic service such as feeding, giving fresh water, special diet, medicine, taking care of coats, eyes and ears, playing and CUDDLING, of course ☺
  • If you wish, we can take a special care of your cat(s): taking a bath, hair-drying, brushing the coat, cutting claws
  •  Bonus for you: we can take care of your plants and flowers, we can air your rooms, take out the garbage, do the small cleaning, empty your mailbox – all included in the price

How many times a day?

One visit per day... or twice a day? It is fully up to you, as all depends on your cats' needs. 

Professional care

Our petsitters provides service such as walking the dog, feeding, fresh water, special diet, medicine, taking care of fur...

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Dog Walking

Individual dog walking

Our petsitters pick your dog up at your place

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Dog Boarding - Accommodation in a „substitute“ family

This service is suitable for all pets that do not feel happy in a cage or a kennel at a pet hotel

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Accommodation - Dog Boarding


Petsitters care for your pet with love and attention all the time

Your pet will be an important member of his/her substitute family

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